design • motion photography


Hi! I’m Vira, good to meet you.


I am a designer, and a problem solver. I am curious, I like to learn what makes things work.  I am tenacious, determined and I  see things through.


I studied studio art at the University of Kansas City - Missouri.  Since then I’ve had a broad range of experiences in graphic design. From color correction, magazine layout, and broadcast TV, I’ve gone on to be a photographer, a web designer and most importantly, an animator.


So, what do I really love? My heart really is with animation. Currently I  create motion graphics for Sprint.  The retail digital display content at Sprint is now managed and animated by myself and our internal team.


I enjoy creative challenges. My skills and experience have helped make me not only a confident designer, but one willing to explore new design technologies. So, whether you find me in the studio, on the racetrack or jumping off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, I’m adventurous and like to be challenged.





“Well-behaved women seldom make history.”